• Paul Murphy


It’s a strange time to be a business owner. Many of us will find ourselves at a loose end while everything is essentially put on hold. However, we believe there are a number of incredibly important things that we can do with our time while the country is on lockdown that will give us a competitive advantage and provide a foundation for future growth. Actually 3 things to be specific...


Lockdown is the best time to reevaluate your brand. Throughout the average year, it is often difficult as a business owner to find the time to take a step back and look at what aspects of your branding and marketing are working and what aren’t. We know we should but there are often more pressing matters at hand such as the day-to-day running of a business. We are not being forced to take a moment of respite and we should make the most of it by taking a genuine objective look at our branding and marketing to identify, once lockdown lifts, what practices we should put a stop to and what practice we should be doubling down on in order to improve our return on investment.

When making changes to branding, ideally it should appear to a consumer that everything changes overnight in order to avoid any award inconsistencies. Just like in theatre, costume changes should be seamless and out of the audience’s sight. However, as we live in the real world and have to deal with things such as availabilities and suppliers, this is often not possible and changes are inevitably made in the most efficient timeframe possible. Wit lockdown, however, consumer are distracted. The audiences attention is focused elsewhere. Now is the perfect time to

It is especially important to revaluate our brands this year as many global shifts will take place that are likely to impact the state of our markets and the demands of our consumers.

We have put together this checklist to ensure you have everything in order for getting up and running again.


Just because you aren’t in a position to generate as many sales as you were before lockdown measures were put in place doesn’t mean you should give up on your marketing altogether. While it would be nice to take a break and put everything on hold, that approach is simply not practical in the world of increased competition and decreased consumer attention spans. Putting all marketing on hold is highly likely to result in decreased brand awareness in your market and if you are not maintaining awareness during this lockdown period you have a competitor who is. What you must do is pivot your marketing away from generating leads and toward raising awareness of your brand.

There are many ways to maintain awareness during this time. Simply posting on social media, keeping your followers updated on your situation and engaging with customers is enough to keep your business on consumers radars. However, the most important thing you can do just now and the most effective way of maintaining awareness is to provide value. Ask yourself what assets you have as a business that people may need at this trying time and simply provide it to them. We go into this deeper in our blog “What can you do for free”


In order to gain as much momentum as possible out the get when lockdown lifts you must have an established plan of action. Luckily, the majority of us will have the time to plan more than ever.

Social Media Plan

Now is a great time to start creating content to post to social media over the coming months. Many tools exist such as buffer which allows businesses to schedule a batch of social media content to go out over a set period of time. This is beneficial as it allows you to essentially take a set it and forget it approach to your social media efforts. You should, of course, ensure that any content that you schedule is evergreen and is unlikely to be outdated by the time it is actually posted.

We go further into how to set up a social media plan in this recent blog "Come out of lockdown ahead"

A plan of action

One of the main benefits of using this time period to set up things such as social media schedule in advance is that it frees up time to take a step back and focus on a longterm plan of action. Your post-lockdown plan of action should take into consideration all things that may have changed due to the global nature of the pandemic. Take into consideration things such as Have your customers needs change? What changes are your competitors making? Have the sectors which could benefit most from your offering changed? How has the global change affected your suppliers?

Your plan of action should encompass and unite all aspects of your business from operations to sales to marketing under one umbrella and establish a clear methodology for hitting the ground running after lockdown.

We speak more on how to successfully set up a marketing plan here


In order to give your business the best opportunity to thrive after lockdown there are 3 major actions you must take:

  1. Revaluate your brand

  2. Maintain awareness

  3. Create a plan

These three steps are critical in ensuring you learn from and improve upon your past, make the most of what you can in the present and prepare for the uncertain future that we are facing. The businesses who come out the strongest after lockdown will be the ones who used their time most productively and are most willing to adapt to the situation.