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I diagnose trouble spots in your brand and help you understand current perceptions and how you can better shape and create the right perception and present your business more effectively to your marketplace. 

Then I identify areas for improvement and explore any opportunities that may be obtainable. I put together a plan, creating a foundation for your brand, highlighting your optimal marketing routes and outlining what brand collateral you will need moving forward. I break it all down into logical stages so that you can decide which parts fit within your budget, which bits can be scheduled for another time and which bits you would like to totally remove from the plan. This way you get to review all costs up front so you know exactly where you stand and allay any fears of escalating costs. 


Next I design the innovative, compelling marketing collateral that is entirely on brand, to achieve your objectives. Carefully planning all visuals and tone of voice to deliver a professional, consistent and unified brand approach.


Moving forward I offer on-call advice and support, assuming the role of brand guardian, ensuring consistency and that brand standards are adhered to across all your communication channels. I identify potential issues and make recommendations to solve them. I analyse how the overall business and brand is performing and what, if anything, needs tweaked or improved in order to achieve your goals.


First off you set up a free no obligation consultation (at a time that suits you) where we get to ask questions of each other. It’s my goal at this meeting to find out all I can about your business and your goals, both immediate and long term. This helps me understand what needs to happen and how best to proceed.

After the initial consultation I put together a written proposal of what I think you will need, why and how much it will cost. Once you are happy with what I’ve proposed I can put in place a deadline for the agreed deliverables.

If I feel I can’t deliver what you require or I don't think I am the right fit for your project, I’ll tell you straight and up front. Then, if I can introduce you to someone who is an expert in the field you’re looking for, I will.

The beauty of what I offer is absolute flexibility as a freelancer, so you can hire me either for a specific project, or on a retainer for a set number of days per month, or simply on an ad hoc basis to help out as and when needed.

Free Consultation

I offer a free, no obligation consultation, either in person or via video call, where I am happy to answer questions, offer advice and help you formulate a way forward to achieve your goals.

I can guarantee you it will not be a sales pitch!


Typically I work with SMEs from all over the UK who don't have someone in place to manage their brand on a full time basis and either don't want the expense or need the hassle of recruitment. Often it falls upon the shoulders of the business owner to manage the brand - when they have the time.

Sometimes they may even have a small marketing team in place who would benefit from strategic oversight and expert brand guidance and input from time to time or simply some external help on a specific project.