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  • Vincent Bissette


Okay, think ‘Barf’ detergent powder, ‘Pee Cola’, or ‘Indiana Bones Temple of Groom Doggie Day Care Boutique’. They all exist, but you have to wonder how well they sell.

Your brand name – which is usually the basis of the company brandmark or brand logo, which are graphic interpretations of brand names – is one of the first and most influential brand touchpoints anyone will encounter. If your brand’s name contributes to the brand image, conforms to the brand strategy, has memorability and positive vibes then you’re doing well.

Bear in mind that the art of the brand name is now a many-faceted process and it’s hard to come up with truly original brand name ideas so it’s always worth researching what’s already out there. A brand name pro will know how to create brand name ideas and accelerate your progress. An objective opinion on your own pet brand mark solutions can also save you time, money and embarrassment – when the Coca-Cola brand name was first marketed in China it was sometimes translated as ‘Bite The Wax Tadpole’.


Well, the process can be easy and quick and it can be difficult and tortuous, as any experienced marketing agency will tell you. Coming up with a brand name may sound easy, but how to come up with a brand name that works can be slightly more complicated.

First off, brand name ideas can come from anywhere. New brand name ideas can be derived from what you do and how you do it (Kwikfit); from a quirky spelling of an ingredient (Weetos); chopping up or abbreviating words and putting some of the bits together again, even using the name of the owner (Adidas is from Adolf ‘Adi’ Dassler); a classical reference, to convey academic or scientific integrity (ASICS – anima sana in corpore sano = a healthy mind in a healthy body); we could go on. There are endless ways to create innovative brand name ideas, and it’s easy to get sidetracked.

The whole brand name concept is inextricably linked to building a better brand image – how do you want to announce and present your company? Which leads us back to examining everything about your company, your products and services.

We ensure we stick to our 7 brand naming criteria as closely as possible in order to ensure a name is chosen which is not only has an immediate impact but will not have to be changed a few years down the line. It's possible using these criteria to come up with a great homemade brand name. However, calling in a pro is a good idea, it can save you time and money in the long run.

At Propel, we often run brand naming workshops for our clients who are looking to establish a strong brand that ticks all the boxes. If you are interested in these services or would like to know more about brand naming


Brand names are very important. They act as the foundation of your brand identity upon which all else is built. Your brand name is often the first point of contact your business will have with a customer, especially if you rely heavily on word of mouth. Great thought and care should be put into naming a brand which is why companies often turn brand naming experts.

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About the author: Vincent Bissette is a freelance Brand Strategy and Design Consultant with over 30 years experience of branding and rebranding businesses and organisations, systematically, thoroughly and objectively. He has worked in major Design Consultancies as well as having run his own agency for 25 years, working with SMEs all over the UK to help them modernise their brand, grow their business, attract new customers, penetrate new markets and increase their sales, market share and profit. Throughout that time, there’s not much he hasn't done or many industries he hasn't worked in. He’s a creative, strategic thinker and problem solver with a wealth of experience in diagnosing trouble spots in brands and discovering their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Now based in South Lanarkshire, Scotland, he works throughout the entire UK.

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