We’re told to not judge a book by its cover but that’s just human nature. When it comes to packaging, the key is making sure your product has the ability to stand out and wow consumers in the sea of competitors. People will ultimately judge your book by it’s cover so make sure it’s a good one.


Your product's packaging is often the first impression on consumers that can attract their attention and convince them to make the purchase. Eye-catching packaging design is necessary to stand out on crowded store shelves. A high-quality product demands high-quality packaging design.

With our 30 years of experience in Design, we are experts of creating modern, professional packaging, targetted to appeal directly to our your intended, most profitable audience.

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Are you looking to update your packaging to stay fresh or appeal to a more contemporary consumer? Companies such as Coca-Cola and Guinness will continually make small subtle updates to their image - around every few years - in order to maintain consumers' interests and secure a competitive advantage.

We take a nuanced approach to updating our client's packaging, keeping what works and only making necessary changes. We'll give you outstanding, clean, research-based packaging design that directly appeals to the people who are most likely to purchase.


If you're looking to appeal to a more high-end market, you must ensure your packaging is appealing to a high-end consumer. Consumers are highly sensitive and responsive to packaging design as it greatly affects their perceptions of how much a product is worth on a subconscious level. If packaging design does not align with the price tag, confusion is created and potential customers will vote with their feet.

We use our 30 years of industry experience to rejuvenate our clients' packaging and help them enter lucrative markets successfully. We'll make your products appeal to high-end consumers with modern, professional packaging design that is worthy of a luxury price tag.

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Consumer trends in packaging are constantly changing and aligning with the hot cultural topics of the day. In 2021, consumers in certain markets are demanding features such as reusable, recyclable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly packaging. Packaging that is seen as unethical or excessive can quickly turn off contemporary, eco-conscious consumers.

At our Propel, we are experts at creating and adapting existing packaging design to effectively target and appeal to modern trends.


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An effective way to increase your sales is to convince more retailers to stock your products. However, if your packaging design is unprofessional, outdated or doesn’t appeal to modern tastes, retailers will be less enthusiastic about stocking your product. Especially, if they already have competitor products on the shelves that have professionally designed, clean, contemporary packaging.

We will help you impress retailers by creating compelling packaging that jumps off store shelves. Beautiful, eye-catching design creates a win-win situation as the more consumers are willing to buy the product, the more stores will be willing to stock it.



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