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A brand audit is a thorough examination of your brand’s current position in the market compared to your competitors and a review of its effectiveness. It is designed to help you better understand your current brand, positioning, values and key messages.

We identify strengths and weaknesses in your brand and uncover inconsistencies in how customers, prospects, employees and others view your company. It will establish a clear overview of your entire organisation and current strategy, something done best by objective professionals outside your company.

Once the brand audit has been completed, an accurate diagnosis can be made about the state of your brand, paving the way for a proper prescription for what the brand needs to be healthier and more successful.

Stage one.


Your brand strategy is your overall long-term plan, embracing what your brand stands for now; what you’d like it to stand for; and how you intend getting to where you really want to be.

A brand strategy will ensure you are moving in the right direction and deliver on your companies strategic objectives by giving your business and brand focus.

Stage two.


 At this point we design and write the communication collateral that will carry your message – from brand name to brochures, social media to stationery, packaging to promo videos and more. Any part of your company that comes into contact with the marketplace.

Using us as your creative source for collateral. From start to finish, the whole process becomes more efficient, more nuanced and more tailored to you.

Stage three.