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Welcome to the free help guides section of my website. This idea was conceived and put together during the lockdown periods of 2020 – 2021. Whilst much of my business was curtailed and with time on my hands, I wanted to do something constructive that would help businesses in some small way.

So I basically took all the common questions I’ve been asked over the years by clients and tried to answer them in an easy to use step-by-step downloadable help guide.

It’s not by any means definitive and may not answer your particular query, however, you can always book a free no obligation consultation with me where I can be a little bit more specific.

Free Consultation

I offer a free, no obligation consultation, either in person or via video call, where I am happy to answer questions, offer advice and help you formulate a way forward to achieve your goals.

I can guarantee you it will not be a sales pitch!

So whether you are looking to build awareness, increase sales, attract more customers, grow your business online or even how to name your brand, then there should be something here for you. I sincerely hope these guides can help you in some small way on your business journey. Please simply download any or all of the guides you feel may be of help.


Best of luck to you in all your efforts to propel your business and if you feel that I can help in any way then please do not hesitate to get in touch!

how to advertise in 2021

How to Advertise your Business in 2021

Learn what to say in advertising and find your most profitable platforms. Perfect your campaigns!

how to improve website design to increase sales

Increase your Sales with Modern, Professional Web Design

Sell more with effective web design, optimise your site with analytics and stand out with SEO!

how to attract more customers with branding and positioning

How to Attract More Customers

Increase your profits by reaching your ideal customers and stand out from the crowd with positioning!

Lockdown business health check

Health Check

Find out where your business currently is and where it needs to go! Form your plans moving forward!

social media hashtag holiday calendar 2021

2021 Social Media Hashtag Calendar

Get tons of inspiration and ideas for your social media posts and reach wider audiences!

how to increase sales with packaging design

How to Increase Sales with Clean, Contemporary Packaging Design

Better appeal with your packaging and gain a competitive advantage. Stand out on store shelves!

how to name your brand

How to Name your Brand

Create the perfect brand name that will become an asset while avoiding common brand naming pitfalls!

grow your business with design

Grow your Business using Clean, Contemporary Design

Increase your sales and profitability through differentiation and avoid common design traps!

how to build awareness on social media

How to Build Awareness on Social Media

Learn how to attract more customers with the power of social media, plan your campaigns, and more!

how to design logos that attract more customers

How Clean, Contemporary Logos Attract More

Learn how to avoid common logo mistakes! Use your logo to increase sales and better your company's positioning! 

how to grow your business online

How to Grow your Business Online

Know what to say with keyword research, stand out with SEO, and promote your business with PPC!

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