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Contemporary wine brand comes charging out the gate.

The Bijou Wine Co

Bijou is a specialist pop up wine bar company offering exceptional wines, served from rustic wooden bars or a horsebox. Yes, a horsebox. The horse was decanted to pastures new and the box is now a beautifully finished and fully functional bar.

The brief

A wine brand that needs a bubbly image.

Bijou was completely new. Propel's task was to create an image which accurately reflected the unique character of the brand. Bijou are passionate about helping private celebrations and corporate functions to stand out from the crowd and Propels task was to provide them with the voice to communicate this.
Bijou logo graphic design on laptop
Bijou logo design focus group
Bijou logo design sketch

The solution

A full bodied brand.

In order to develop a significant understanding of the brand's direction, Propel met with Bijou and undertook extensive research of their market and their future vision of their brand. Propel used this information to design an inspired and consistent brand image throughout all of Bijou's touchpoints.
Gillian Snowden, managing director of the bijou wine co
“The result is a logo and corporate brand identity we’re extremely proud of, and it has gone down a storm, getting commented on all the time, from handing over the business cards, our on-location banners, even the stickers we apply to boxes.”
- Gillian Snowden, Managing Director
Bijou wine co exterior design
Bijou Wine co exterior livery




Off to the races.

Propel provided a simple but vibrant design which accurately reflected Bijou's brand personality. This provided Bijou with a strong foundation to successfully launch their brand.

The outcome

Free Consultation

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